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One of the strategic objectives of the Algeciras Port Authority (APBA) is to promote innovation in its field of activity as a key element to increase its competitive edge and generate wealth of high added value.

The initiative Algeciras BrainPort 2020 represents a step forward towards a new model of port management, where on one hand products and services are created or improved to be more efficient, safe and respectful of the environment, and on the other hand, serves to consolidate a culture / mentality of continuous improvement in the Port Authority and in all its Port Community.

Algeciras BrainPort 2020 is an innovation program framed in the area of transport and logistics, whose general objective is to generate knowledge and added value to optimize the Algeciras Port logistic node placed in the Strait of Gibraltar.

This group of initiatives, in which, not only the Algeciras Port Community participates but also any individual, innovative players or large firms that creates value in a context of Open Innovation, will permit that the concept of the Next Generation Port (brainport) and the digital and innovation world-class ecosystem in port-logistics to be a reality in Algeciras Port.

I encourage you to discover the Journey of Innovation and that you help us to improve with your ideas!


Francisco de los Santos
Chief Information and Innovation Officer at APBA

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Este Portal de Innovación es una iniciativa de la APBA para potenciar una cultura innovadora y promover el desarrollo de un ecosistema de Innovación, con el fin de garantizar la competitividad futura del Puerto Bahía de Algeciras

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This innovation portal is an initiative of APBA to reinforce an innovative culture and the development of an open innovation ecosystem in order to guarantee the future competitiveness of Algeciras Port.

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