Innovation ecosystem

What is open innovation?

The term open innovation makes reference to the process of looking for talent and of innovative solutions beyond the internal limits of the organizations. It can also be conceived as a strategy that permits the systematic combination of the internal and external knowledge to strengthen the innovative capacity and to improve know-how.

What does this method of innovation process offer us?

The opening of our innovation process permits us:

  • To foster the innovative capacity of the APBA
  • To combine the internal and external talent in a systematic way
  • To manage the economic and I+D resources in the most efficient way and to accelerate the results of innovation
  • To increase the creativity and knowledge of our employees
  • To introduce competitive advantages in our port
  • To create a collaborative environment around innovation in Algeciras Port
  • To capture the necessities of the partners / clients / users in a more flexible way

How do we apply the concept of open innovation in the APBA?

From the APBA the following initiatives are underway:

  • We collaborate with suppliers, associates / clients / users and even competitors
  • We facilitate Algeciras Port infrastructures and facilities for the execution of pilot tests in a complex and dynamic environment
  • We are cultivating a culture of innovation
  • We have a team of innovation drivers that observe and identify innovations and business opportunities
  • We take advantage of the innovations generated in the market
  • We are close to the research world
  • We attend conferences, congresses, and fairs and other inspiring events

Who has accompanied us during the process of innovation?

Currently the innovation ecosystem of Algeciras Port is comprised of the following entities / organisations:

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[accordion title=»Associates/Clients/Users» connect=»622″]


[accordion title=»Private companies and Consultancies » connect=»622″]


[accordion title=»Public Bodies» connect=»622″]


[accordion title=»Universities. Technological / innovation groups and research centres» connect=»622″]


[accordion title=»Innovation and incubation agencies» connect=»622″]


[accordion title=»Ports / Port Authorities » connect=»622″]



Do you want to be our partner or collaborate with us?

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Este Portal de Innovación es una iniciativa de la APBA para potenciar una cultura innovadora y promover el desarrollo de un ecosistema de Innovación, con el fin de garantizar la competitividad futura del Puerto Bahía de Algeciras

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This innovation portal is an initiative of APBA to reinforce an innovative culture and the development of an open innovation ecosystem in order to guarantee the future competitiveness of Algeciras Port.

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