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When we talk about innovation and creative processes, we immediately think of a group of geniuses or highly creative people who are all day generating ideas to improve and who have a mix of unknown skills; or simply, we behave that it has been a matter of luck of a few who had a moment eureka! And they developed a winning idea. The good thing is that this is not the case.

Innovation must become a collective attitude, where profiles with specific skills play a fundamental role; from those who start with the motivation to do different things, going through those that generate ideas and reaching those who analyse, test and develop an idea in order to obtain results and make a difference in the company.

Therefore, when implementing innovation in a company, it requires teams with creative and innovative geniuses, who do things differently, and with more adaptive geniuses; who accept the definition of the problem and work within it to improve, only that their approaches are less risky and revolutionary. We must remember that the strengths of some are the weaknesses of others!

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Este Portal de Innovación es una iniciativa de la APBA para potenciar una cultura innovadora y promover el desarrollo de un ecosistema de Innovación, con el fin de garantizar la competitividad futura del Puerto Bahía de Algeciras

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This innovation portal is an initiative of APBA to reinforce an innovative culture and the development of an open innovation ecosystem in order to guarantee the future competitiveness of Algeciras Port.

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